Case Study Blueberrys Designer Clothing

Blueberries, one of our long term customers contacted us about their increasing energy bill due to rising energy prices, as a designer clothing shop it doesn’t use a lot of power from electrical sockets so we looked at the lighting, on the top two floors alone they had 81 x 50w down lights which would account for approximately a large 11,664 kw (11,664,000 watts) of electricity a year and carbon emissions of 4096.00 kg per year.

We converted the existing low voltage fittings to a 240v GU10 fitting complete with a 6w cree led ecoled lamp. This reduced the energy consumption from approximately 11,664 kw to 1,399 kw per year which has saved them a considerable sum each year, this in turn also reduced their carbon emissions to 408 kg per year a reduction of 3,688 kg.

Below is an example of the 6w lamp we fitted.

For more information please contact us via our website


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