Topping street bakery

We was asked to attend Topping Street Bakery recently to check his current lighting arrangement and we found 21 x 50w spot lights and half of them where off due to transformer failures. We quoted to replace these for ECOLED lamps to cut the maintenance cost and also to keep to heat output from the lamps down as it is already a warm kitchen due to the baking equipment. The energy savings on this conversion would save him approximately £580.00 per year which would pay for the installation twice over! Mark the owner, is going ahead with the quoted work he said “it’s a no brainer”
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Outdoor Play House


This is a play house I purpose built for a customer this week, it has two floors and unlike most you buy from garden centres or online all the external woodwork is pressure treated as to last our against our varied winter weather, above is the finished product and below their is picture before it was painted



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Case Study Blueberrys Designer Clothing

Blueberries, one of our long term customers contacted us about their increasing energy bill due to rising energy prices, as a designer clothing shop it doesn’t use a lot of power from electrical sockets so we looked at the lighting, on the top two floors alone they had 81 x 50w down lights which would account for approximately a large 11,664 kw (11,664,000 watts) of electricity a year and carbon emissions of 4096.00 kg per year.

We converted the existing low voltage fittings to a 240v GU10 fitting complete with a 6w cree led ecoled lamp. This reduced the energy consumption from approximately 11,664 kw to 1,399 kw per year which has saved them a considerable sum each year, this in turn also reduced their carbon emissions to 408 kg per year a reduction of 3,688 kg.

Below is an example of the 6w lamp we fitted.

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Case Study For King Street Dental Surgery

Our clients at the dental surgery approached us for help due to their existing lighting in the reception area kept letting them down due to failing lamps and fitting over heating and causing faults. When we arrived at the premises we found a mix of lighting made up of, one low voltage spot light, one 600×600 fluorescent module and six R63 lamps that have an expected life of around 3,500hrs.

We replaced all these fittings for thirteen 5w led fittings with an expected life of around 50,000hrs and a 5 year guarantee. These gave a much better and even light and also reduced the reception lighting energy consumption from approx. 1484 kw per year to 200 kw per year this also reduces their carbon footprint.

Below is an example of the light fitted, a 5w zep1

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ZEP1 Downlight


Inspirational design incorporating the latest LED array technology. This entry level 5W, 480 lumen downlight is compact, energy efficient and maintenance free.

This lamp is both fire rated as standard and IP54 making it suitable for Zone1 bathroom installation

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EDC electrical and building services have been given the permission to be a distributor and installer of led lighting solutions from ECOLED a British company designing and manufacturing exceptional lighting products




ECOLED products employ chip on board technology (COB) led arrays for optimum performance.  In addition many of their products are dimmable either by a simple switch or more advance systems, facilitating total lighting control

Most products come with a 5 year guarantee and all products comply with current building regulations making them ideal for domestic, commercial and retail.

Please follow for up to  date led news and the latest products.





Stage lighting

We have just finished up wiring and fitting a LED lighting to this stage that is in the process of being built. The led lights will last long, help keep the electric bill down and not produce a lot of heat like traditional spot and flood lights so it won’t feel like your on a stage under a heat lamp!!
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Outdoor furniture

A purpose built corner seat made from decking is a lot sturdier and will last longer than a lot of outdoor seats or chairs and it won’t blow around in high winds! just give it a coat of decking oil or similar to protect it through the year. This one we built for a customer last summer that was built in place with two double seats a corner table and two flower boxes. The happy customer has since made removable cushions for the seat tops.